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80 Grassy Hill Road
East Lyme, CT 06333
Please call ahead to be sure that we can give you our entire attention. Children are welcome!

Welcome to Cranberry Meadow Farm

Cranberry Meadow Farm is family owned and operated by Nancy and Tom Kalal. We are located in East Lyme, Connecticut.

We raise all natural beef and pork to fill a market void for health conscious consumers who want flavorful beef produced without growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids.

Our animals are raised in a loving friendly environment, with special attention given to individual nutrition needs. We keep our cattle out on pasture during the grass growing season, and bring them up to the barns for the winter to eat the hay that we produce all summer long.

Our Philosophy

Our herd of cattle includes Angus and Hereford and Short Horn steers that are raised on our own pastures. Our pigs eat only grain, from the same grain mill which supplements our herd. In the winter our herd are fed hay from our own hay lot.

Cranberry Meadow Farm

Today's consumer should be informed about the food they eat, and feel confident about the integrity of the farm it came from. How can you make a good choice about what to feed your family if you don't know where the food came from and how it was raised?

Cranberry Meadow Farm raises all natural grass fed beef and grain fed pigs.

Cranberry Meadow Farm • 80 Grassy Hill Road • East Lyme CT 06333 • (860) 437-7828